Each relationship in our life has its purpose, be our contact good or bad, supportive or burdening, for it shows us what we are bound to learn about Self.

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Astrology stands tall as the bridge between science and faith, connecting us with the metaphysical while relying on centuries of science in its history. Signos Del Zodiaco.

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Horoscope [EN]. Compatibility [EN]. Language Selection:. Stay Connected! Acuario Enero 20 — Febrero Piscis Febrero 19 — Marzo Aries Marzo 21 —Abril Tauro Abril 20 — Mayo Leo Julio 23—Agosto Virgo Agosto 23 — Septiembre Libra Septiembre 23 — Octubre Escorpio Octubre 23 — Noviembre Sagitario Noviembre 22 - Diciembre If you like the idea and jewellery, then you can order it through Direct. Write, I will be happy to answer you. Part 1 Oct 03, - The Sagittarius Moon in your second house of money is going to have your mind focusing on money and on fun today, Scorpio.

Just go easy on this one, as it will be very easy to over indulge today. The planets begin to send you some love today as Mercury enters your sign and your first house of Self. A big change is coming that makes you feel good about who you are, and your place in the world, Scorpio.

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You feel intense and passionate about the changes that come your way today. Finally, it feels like everything is going your way, and the work that you have been doing for the people you value the most is finally paying off. The Universe is working on them for you as we speak. Give yourself a nice reward today, Scorpio. Job well done! What are you feeling excited about?

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Click here to find out more about this balanced sign. Oct 02, - You are feeling very confident and yes, even vibrant today, Scorpio, and you can use that energy to your own personal advantage today.

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  6. You should see this in the area of money and Self worth the most today. The Sagittarius Moon in your second house of money is inspiring you to make some big changes on the financial front, that will yield some long term rewards. If you are feeling inspired and optimistic today, follow that energy, as it is taking you to places that will help an area of your life truly launch. Your creative energy is really on fire today, and you can even make some serious bank with it if you run with it.

    So, run with it!

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    What area is that, Scorpio? DaniHands Who's ready to get relax? My love Scorpio Credit: mf. PingLente03A Ref.

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    Scorpio great Oct 01, - The Scorpio Moon in your first house is still in play for one last day, Scorpio. Enjoy this lovely glow! You also have the Venus and Pluto in your twelfth house of endings today, bringing an end to a cycle regarding a past responsibility.

    You feel productive with what you accomplish with this ending today, and this increases your karmic bank as well. You could be a little more sensitive emotionally today, and may find yourself feeling the emotions of others around you more than usual. These are your intuitive feelers talking to you today, Scorpio.

    If you are looking for information about someone or something specific today, pay attention to every intuitive impulse, and feeling, that comes your way today. And use that Pluto connection to think seriously about these things, as there is an important message here. At the same time, really watch your own emotional reactions and try and objectively look at your sense of Self and how you handle situations today. What is on your mind today?

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