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Mars: Anger, aggression, sports strength, will and stamina, fearlessness, risk taking, courageous, passionate. Impatience, unpredictable and hot headed. Soldiers, athletes, warlords. The blood, Male sex organs, muscles. Jupiter: Team player, good times, parties, generosity, gambling, joviality, wealth, spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Aspires to higher understanding and compassion. Long distance travel, physical and spiritual.

Teachers, philosophers, gurus, priests, athletes and sports people. The liver. Saturn: Old father time, career ladder, perseverance, working long and hard for just rewards. Discipline, self control, structure, boundaries. Being sensible. Also, not feeling lovable, cramping someone's style, inferiority complex, cruel. The bones. Police, critics, judges, hermits, wise men and women. Uranus: Rules the age of aquarius. Astrology, unusual occupations, lightening, electricity, aviation.

Rebellion, not afraid to be different, humanitarian, independence, flash of inspiration.

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Restless, unreliable, unpredictable. Nervous system. Reclusives, geniuses, aid workers, astrologers, rebels. Neptune: sensitivity, confusion about boundaries, sympathetic, visionary, mediumistic, deeply spiritual. Also deceptive, misuse of drugs and alcohol, easily swayed. Longs to merge with others. The pineal gland. Artists, doctors, nurses, musicians, priests, also those addicted to drink and drugs. Pluto: Death, life, rebirth, total devastation for the sake of regeneration.

Power, healing, not afraid of change. Manipulation, misuse of power, fanaticism, obsession. Criminals, charismatic leaders, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists. South Node: Experiences you bring into this life, inner knowledge. Habits that make you feel secure.

North Node: Lessons to be learned in this life. Difficulties to be overcome to allow further development. Spiritual goals.

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Aries: Spontaneous with little regard for the outcome. Hot headed, impulsive, always bounces back. Unburdened by cares and others. Taurus: Conservative, sometimes stubborn. Practical and down to earth, but could also be lacking motivation. Enjoys material wealth. Gemini: Jack of all trades, lots of things going on at once, no time to go into great depth. Something new around the corner.

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Sometimes fickle. Natural sales person, smart and clever with out too much emotions. Good social butterfly. Cancer: Romantic, emotional, tenacious and achieves goal in an indirect way, mother figure, domesticity, caring and nurturing and nourishing. Leo: Center stage, loves being on a show. Independent but needs flattery.

High and mighty. Generous, self confident and positive. Virgo: perfectionist, great with deals, critical, reserved and distant initially, but loyal and caring. Scientific minds, very logical and unemotional, but communicative. Libra: Harmony and balance, avoids conflicts and confrontation, sometimes indecisive. Gracious and good at expressing themselves, preserve the equilibrium at all costs. The peacemaker. Scorpio: Never shallow. You can find another table with information on these symbols on Scribd. These three dice create a complete divination set.

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Astrodice: Astrology Divination Fortune Telling Dice by Koplow Games

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