Your self-discipline and persistence can make you a pioneer in your field. The main problem with this position is a tendency to be a bit too self-centered and headstrong.

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A first house Saturn lends a serious, responsible, and dutiful cast to your personality. You are likely to be a diligent, self-disciplined, and perhaps a bit shy. As a worker, you are methodical, persistent, good with details, and determined to get the job done. You may eventually be recognized as an expert in your field. Many of your lessons in life come from the school of hard knocks.

You are committed to excellence in the workplace, and you may prefer an executive position where you can be your own boss. Most likely you have a good head for business and management. Teaching ability is also common. In our solar system, Saturn is most distant planet from the earth that is visible to the naked eye. These outer planets spend many years traveling through each sign, and thus they tend to affect an entire generation. Only their house placements and close aspects are significant in the interpretation of an individual horoscope.

Though not personally significant by itself, the sign placement of the three outer planets can reinforce similar traits found elsewhere in the horoscope. It symbolizes breaking through barriers via originality, inventiveness, and progressive ideas. Uranus reveals where we can express our novelty and uniqueness. A sixth house Uranus sometimes indicates unusual working conditions, or an occupation that is innovative or out of the ordinary.

You may have considerable technical, analytical, or mathematical ability. Your work may be related to health care, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, electronics, computer science, or New Age subjects. You could also be involved in alternative medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbology, or other therapeutic endeavors that are not quite in the main stream. Uranus in Virgo marks a generation with unique and progressive ideas about health care, nutrition, hygiene, and life on the job.

Neptune is the ancient god of the oceans, which are fluid, without form, and boundless. It dissolves the limitations set up by Saturn. This planet symbolizes all that is cloudy, nebulous, dreamlike, mystical, or illusory. Neptune represents compassion, intuition, empathy, sacrifice, and spiritual development. The placement of Neptune reveals where we may care for others, pursue our ideals, and be at one with the universe.

An eighth house Neptune reveals a capacity for intuitive insight and psychological attunement with other people that, in some cases, indicates a hypnotic influence over the masses. Things that are mysterious, illusory, occult, metaphysical, mystical, or otherworldly fascinate you. You may be drawn to psychology, astrology, counseling, medical research, healing, alternative medicine, nursing, or spiritual development.

For some, a desire for deep emotional connection and understanding finds expression in film, music, or art. If Neptune forms stressful aspects, there may be unusual or unconventional beliefs about sexuality or matters related to death and dying. You belong to a generation of sensitive and intuitive individuals who are attuned to unseen forces and the hidden aspects of reality.

There is tremendous potential for spiritual growth, healing, and transformation. Pluto is the ancient god of the underworld who ruled the realm of death and darkness. It represents immense power, transformation, radical change, renewal, and rebirth. The placement of Pluto reveals where we express our needs for control and regeneration. A sixth house Pluto often gives an interest in occupations related to power, control, healing, health, psychology, medical research, therapeutic techniques, the social sciences, government work, public welfare, and matters connected with death and dying.

You are likely to be a hard worker who does not mind putting in long hours to get the job done. Your work may involve penetrating beneath the surface, ferreting out secrets, or revealing what is hidden — much as a photographer develops the unseen image concealed on an exposed piece of film.

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A talent for business and finance is not uncommon. Pluto here sometimes indicates the potential for contact with illegal or criminal activity in the workplace, which you would be wise to avoid. Pluto in Virgo enhances any ability you have for meticulous, careful, analytical, and detailed work. This placement also reinforces any other factors in your chart that indicate a talent for financial analysis or for methods of healing the mind and body.

You need to take on challenges and to develop your leadership potential. Otherwise you fall into rationalizing your behavior or letting others make decisions for you. Letting people step all over you will ultimately lead to a depressed state of mind. There is often a talent for activities related to Libra the sign opposite Aries that have to do with diplomacy, form, proportion, design, art, beauty, fashion, editing, publicizing, counseling, balancing relationships, and so on. Sports and other forms of vigorous physical activity will help you to keep a balanced outlook.

Following the crowd or giving in to peer pressure can deflect you from pursuing your own path and discovering your true self. One of your challenges is to develop a healthy self-esteem and to avoid the pitfalls of narcissism, entitlement, and self-indulgence. With the Part of Fortune in sociable Libra, you can succeed at careers that involve mediation, partnership, fair play, the balancing of relationships, artistic or musical expression, and catering to public tastes.

This is an excellent position for a consultant who provides an expert service to clients. It is also good for entertainers, performers, and others who rely on their popularity with the public to get ahead. Libra is an intellectual and communicative Air sign whose symbol is the scales of justice. This placement can indicate success in careers related to communication or the law.

The house position of the Part of Fortune reveals an area of life that can bring you good fortune. In the sixth house, it suggests that you are proficient at any type of fine, systematic, or detailed work. Gains may come through craftsmanship or through providing some needed service to others.

The sixth house is related to health and hygiene, and this placement is common in the charts of nurses, psychologists, physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, dentists, acupuncturists, veterinarians, counseling astrologers, and healers who use a specialized therapeutic technique.

This is also a favorable placement for skilled technicians and computer specialists. The follow section takes a broad look at your chart from the viewpoint of the predominance of the four elements or temperaments Fire, Earth, Air, and Water and the three modalities or modes of action Cardinal or initiating, Fixed or stabilizing, Mutable or adapting and transitioning. Introverts are inwardly directed, prefer to work alone or with a small number of people, generally reflect before they act, and would rather read about or ponder an issue than socialize or talk with others.

Extraverts show the opposite characteristics. Extraverts are outwardly directed and come across as sociable, positive, outgoing, and confident. They love to talk and socialize, and they prefer to be with others rather than alone. The value in determining whether you are more introverted or more extraverted is that the same astrological factors can be utilized to pursue different careers depending on whether you are focused inwardly introverted or outwardly extraverted. If you have access to the Internet, you might wish to take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Quiz to determine your degree of introversion and extraversion.

Having decided whether you are more introverted or extraverted, read the following section to see which elements and modalities are most emphasized in your natal chart. Keywords: ardent, creative, intuitive, aspiring, enthusiastic, inspirational, impulsive, spirited, future-oriented, energetic, passionate, self-confident. An abundance of fire in a chart correlates with the Jungian function of intuition. You are able to perceive, unconsciously or intuitively, what is possible or likely to occur as a situation unfolds. From the data that you gather, you generate abstract possibilities regarding future trends.

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A pioneering, enthusiastic and enterprising spirit accompanies this intuitive perceptiveness. Fire wants to shine, to inspire and uplift others, to convey hope and encouragement — to make its mark on the world in a grand, exciting, and stimulating manner. You are good at finding new ways to do things, and others look to your leadership in launching new projects.

You love challenges, especially when they prompt you into energetic activity that promotes your own interests. You see things in broad perspective with an awareness of the future implications of current actions. Unless the element earth is strong in your chart, a certain impracticality is one of your shortcomings and you will need to work on taking proper care of your body and your material and financial concerns. There is some risk of jumping to conclusions rather than carefully weighing the facts to come to a conclusion. Introverted intuitives direct their attention inward and are often regarded as eccentric dreamers.

They gravitate toward careers that utilize their visionary, psychic, mystical, forecasting, or prophetic abilities. Extraverted intuitives put their intuitive flashes of insight to more practical purposes.

This is your perfect job, according to your zodiac sign

They pursue careers where they can act as creators, innovators, pioneers, inventors, promoters, speculators, adventurers, or revolutionaries. They thrive on novelty and excitement and tend to be weak at doing routine tasks and following through. They make quintessential power-politicians. Many creative professionals are highly intuitive.

Examples include writers, architects, research scientists, gifted teachers, theologians, artists, musicians, psychiatrists, and neurologists. An abundance of fire intuition has also been reported in the charts of Protestant clergy and indicates an energetic expression of their feelings and ideals. Keywords: practical, concrete, empirical, tangible, sensible, down-to-earth, results-oriented, able to manage material and financial resources.

An abundance of earth in a chart correlates with the Jungian function of sensation. You readily become cognizant of empirical reality. You consciously perceive immediate data, facts, and situations. You are a careful, solid, and dependable person who pays close attention to details. There is usually a capacity to make objective evaluations, think critically, and analyze matters logically.

Astrology Analysis For Job And Professional Planning

You enjoy being regarded as a person of wisdom and authority. Others trust you to get the job done and view you as a person with good head on your shoulders. You tend to live in the present and to rely heavily on the information taken in by your five senses in a literal, concrete way. You make decisions only after doing your research and gathering all the facts. Your approach to life is practical, pragmatic, hard-nosed, and realistic.

One of your strengths is a highly developed common sense, and you especially enjoy seeing tangible results of your activities. Some sensation types are quite sensual and even hedonistic. The earth signs represent structure and material reality — everything that is solid, tangible, and securely rooted.

You are drawn to a career in which you can use your body to manipulate physical reality in some way. You like to build, organize, structure, and bring projects to completion. You are good at carrying out plans in a sequential and orderly manner; and you generally prefer to work in a reliable, steady workplace setting. Others may see you as a hard-nosed realist who is interested in results that increase your sense of status and power. Some of your weaknesses may be a failure to pay sufficient attention to your intuition, a lack of enthusiasm unless fire is strong , and an insufficient awareness of future trends.

Introverted sensation types are able to accumulate and store in their minds vast amounts of factual information. They may have a knack for meticulous scientific research. Introverted sensors enjoy doing manual tasks that produce some sense-related, material result e. Their inner-directed sensual awareness is occasionally reflected in clairvoyant abilities. At times they are so inwardly directed that others regard them as passive, and they may also view themselves as passive victims of external forces.

Extraverted sensation types desire to sense, experience, and act upon their physical environment. They tend to be practical, to have good memories, and to do well with details. They like to use and enjoy their bodies and to manipulate the material world. Laborers, people who work with tools or materials, athletes, bankers, sales persons, marketers, business people, etc. Many planets in mutable signs suggest a career that makes use of your mental agility, adaptability, dexterity, facility with words, and love of variety.

You are probably a good communicator with a knack for establishing contacts with others. Your flexibility, diplomacy, and skill at objective evaluation are key assets. Abundant mutability is often found in the charts of writers, teachers, publishers, editors, communicators, inventors, and those who must use their linguistic abilities and intellectual talents as an essential part of their occupations. The physical agility and dexterity of mutable signs may indicate a talent for dance or other forms of bodily expressiveness.

Keywords: practical, resourceful, organized, managerial, hard-working, skilled, methodical, systematic, materialistic, worldly, status-conscious. Many planets in houses 2, 6, and 10 suggest a career that meets the need of achieving some type of respect or recognition for producing tangible and practical results, often involving some type of analytic ability or technical skill. There is frequently a desire to work with products or services in the material world, and there is often a knack for business or administration. You value stability and have a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

Keywords: sensitive, caring, psychological, probing, insightful, healing, compassionate, private, committed, musical, artistic, spiritual, attuned to the mysteries of life and death. Many planets in houses 4, 8, or 12 suggest a career that meets the need for emotional involvement, caring, and sensitivity toward others. Such a career often deals with matters that are private, subconscious, personal, psychological, spiritual, or related to serving the needs of humanity.

You have a strong desire to understand the hidden motivations of people and the underlying meanings of situations or events. You are likely to be highly receptive, intuitive, concerned, and empathic. This occurs frequently in the charts of those who work closely or intimately with others e.

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It is common in the charts of singers and composers whose music touches us deeply, and also among writers and filmmakers of psychological masterpieces. A preponderance of planets in the cadent houses 3, 6, 9, and 12 suggests versatility, adaptability, and intellectual interests. You are likely to enjoy experimentation, study, new learning, and mental activity. There is often a talent for teaching or otherwise conveying ideas to others. You may also have an ability to manage and organize large amounts of data.

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  6. An ideal career would satisfy your need for mental stimulation and continued learning throughout your life. Some occupations associated with abundant cadency include scientist, researcher, bacteriologist, technical writer, computer programmer, data processor, teacher, counselor, novelist, and editor. As mentioned in the Introduction, the planets signify fundamental urges, drives, or functions of the human personality. Astrologers have discovered that when planets either align conjoin or form certain configurations angular patterns with one another, a blending or combination of their energies occurs.

    The aspects are divided into major 0, 60, 90, , and degrees or minor all other aspects, e. Major aspects are more evident and generally have a more profound effect on personality and vocation. The names of the aspects, according to the number of degrees between planets, are as follows. Aspects can be either easy or difficult. Of the major aspects, the sextile 60 degrees and trine degrees are considered easy or harmonious whereas the square 90 degrees and opposition degrees are considered difficult or stressful. The conjunction can be either easy or difficult depending on the nature of the planets involved.

    In the next section, you will find a detailed description of the most significant aspects in your chart. At first reading, the large amount of material in this section may seem a bit overwhelming. Rather than get lost in the details, look for repeated themes that reinforce or clarify the earlier sections of this report.

    The closer the aspect is to exact, the stronger its influence is likely to be. However, if the planets involved in the aspect are strongly emphasized in your chart, then even a weak aspect between them can be quite significant. Your inventiveness and creative originality will make you shine, and others may seek to emulate your unique abilities. Others see you as standing for some definite cause, and they tend to accept your authority and follow your leadership. Uranus symbolizes human freedom and humanitarian ideals, and when linked to your Sun, it gives a strong sense of personal liberty and a desire to defend the rights of others.

    You probably have a dramatic flair and a compelling manner of expressing your ideas. Uranus typically indicates an unconventional and gifted intellect, scientific or technological interests, iconoclasm, and a streak of rebelliousness and eccentricity. An interest in unusual or unexplained phenomena is not uncommon.

    You need a career that allows you to march to the beat of your own drum, without undue interference from others. This aspect is frequent in the charts of innovative thinkers, literary figures, scientists, teachers, educators, politicians, statesmen, maverick leaders, rock musicians, civil rights activists, military generals, astronauts, civil servants, and those who pursue unconventional or groundbreaking careers.

    You are truly a horse of a different color. If this conjunction forms stressful aspects, it suggests the need to seek wise counsel to insure a prudent course of action. Otherwise, at especially critical junctures in your career, you run the risk of shooting yourself in the foot by engaging in precipitous, dictatorial, or stubborn behaviors, based on a foolish sense of pride. While growing up, you may have felt a lack of support or a sense that you somehow did not fit in to your family. In the career arena this can translate into the pursuit of an occupation that does not meet your needs or one that conflicts with what you truly want to do.

    Because of this rough edge in your personality, others may view you as self-willed, oppositional, contentious, argumentative, or imperious. You tend to feel easily frustrated and may be prone to periods of depression. With the Moon closely aspecting the Midheaven, you feel a need to make emotional contact with others or to meet some public need as part of your career. You are likely to be popular and may achieve public recognition.

    Your empathic and intuitive understanding can make you a fine counselor, healer, psychologist, teacher, psychic, or astrologer. The Moon is also connected with food and drink, shelter, nurturing, childcare, cooking, farming, gardening, milk products, shopkeeping, domestic services, real estate, the land, property, travel, and goods or services that appeal especially to women.

    You have a good sense of humor and may even have comedic talent. An appreciation of music is also common. The Gauquelin research found that a prominent Moon was frequent in the charts of authors and politicians but was uncommon in the charts of sports champions.

    Through its rulership of the sign Cancer, the Moon may indicate a career that caters to public tastes or provides domestic products or services. Through its connection with the Fourth House, the Moon can indicate an interest in meteorology, geology, archeology, ecology, and the study of the earth. You appreciate the value of laying firm foundations and have a strong sense of family, history, and tradition. Whatever work you do, you are likely to find yourself taking care of others or looking after someone or something.

    They lend balance, steadiness, and perspective to your thinking. Your ability to remain calm and collected under pressure can lead to success as a politician, military leader, statesman, filmmaker, entertainer, or athlete. You do well in adversarial or competitive situations because you keep your cool and are able to make the right move at the right time. Your sense of balance, form, and harmony favors any kind of musical or artistic pursuit. You have a knack for perceiving inter-relationships and abstract connections, which may lead to an interest in mathematics, physics, philosophy, musical composition, chess, or similar intellectual pursuits.

    There is often considerable literary talent. You may also have a tendency to deal with stress by escaping into self-indulgent behaviors.

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    There may have been something odd or erratic in your emotional life, especially in your relationship with your mother, which has affected your career path. Others may view you as revolutionary. Jupiter square Neptune increases your intuition, idealism, and creative imagination. There is often an interest in art, music, poetry, creative writing, photography, illusion, film, acting, magic, metaphysics, religious life, and spiritual or mystical experiences. You may work in fields related to healing, medicine, nursing, psychology, mental health, or aiding the disadvantaged or oppressed members of society.

    Psychic ability is common and may be helpful in making investments or other speculative ventures. A fondness for the ocean and things of the sea is common. Your work may involve paints, oils, gases, chemicals, alcohol, narcotics, drugs, medicines, or anything related to the feet. This aspect is often associated with financial success and material comfort.

    In afflicted charts, however, it can manifest as depression, gambling, risk-taking, escapism, self-destructive tendencies, or the use of addictive or mind-altering substances. Such traits favor occupations that deal with public taste, art, fashion, or entertainment. There is usually much idealism and an interest in philosophy. Literary talent may be present. This aspect also reveals a liking for fun, exploration, and amorous adventures.

    Sometimes the individual loves being on Mount Olympus and becomes indolent, self-absorbed, or overly fond of adulation. A strong desire to assume a leadership position can lead to an interest in politics, or in heading some type of movement or organization. With these benefic planets in aspect, you tend to lead a charmed life. The downside is that things may come too easily so that you avoid confronting certain challenges that could help you to grow.

    The Moon is the Cosmic Mother who is intuitively aware of the needs of her children and seeks to nourish and nurture them. She is linked to the ocean tides, travel, and cyclical changes. A prominent Moon is common in the charts of writers, politicians, and others whose work requires an ability to adapt to or influence the moods and tastes of the public. This is common in charts of those who perform before an audience. You are likely to be sociable, tolerant, flexible, gentle, imaginative, and good-humored.

    Friends and family are important to your sense of personal identity and self-worth. There is often an interest in domestic matters, real estate, and in careers related to caring for the needs of others e. You are somewhat of a dreamer who is easily distracted and perhaps a bit absent-minded. Unless Earth is strong in your chart, you tend to avoid work that requires meticulous attention to detail. Negatively, a strong Moon can indicate laziness, irresolution, fickleness, and self-indulgence. The Sun aspecting Pluto indicates great emotional intensity, the courage of your convictions, and the determination to succeed or assume a position of authority.

    Pluto is lord of the underworld, and the life becomes a series of deaths and rebirths, at least on a psychological level. Your sense of identity is closely linked to a need for power and control. Your work may involve you with matters related to birth, death, sex, power, control, elimination, or rejuvenation.

    Best Jobs for Each Zodiac Sign

    You have a unique capacity to get to the root of things, and you could do well as a researcher, counselor, or psychotherapist. An interest in medicine or healing is common. Psychic ability is commonly indicated. In the work arena, you must come to terms with a tendency to get into power struggles or angry confrontations with co-workers or with those in authority. If you assume a supervisory position, you must learn to relate to others without being excessively demanding, jealous, biased, or dictatorial.

    Many with this aspect are drawn to working with crisis situations that bring them into contact with danger and the darker side of human nature e. You could also do well in work that involves any type of in-depth investigation. They are self-starters who gravitate toward occupations that allow for individual initiative, courage, and competitiveness.

    Taurus is Fixed Earth. Taurus' greatest career strength is they are productive and have great follow through. Down to earth, practical, and methodical, they gravitate toward occupations that deal with the natural world, have a leisurely pace, offer long-term security, and require a high degree of creativity. Gemini is Mutable Air. Gemini's individual's greatest career strength is their adaptability and their ability to articulate and share information.

    They prefer stimulating occupations that emphasize communication and the exchange of information. Cancer is Cardinal Water. Cancer's greatest career strength is their sensitivity to the needs and emotions of people around them. They are active caregivers who gravitate toward occupations related to children and family or to jobs where they protect and nurture others.

    Leo is Fixed Fire. A Leo's greatest career strength is self-confidence, exuberance and joy, and strong leadership abilities. They gravitate toward careers that are fun, provide them with a leadership role, and allow them to display their creative talents.

    Virgo is Mutable Earth. Virgo's greatest career strength is in their quiet demeanor, problem-solving skills, and ability to find practical solutions, and this serves them well when they are the boss , too. They gravitate toward careers in quiet work environments that require highly refined organizational skills, or where precision is needed.

    Libra is Cardinal Air. A Libra's greatest career strength is their ability to communicate creatively and interact with others. Libras are people people who gravitate toward careers in active and enterprising social and creative environments. Aries is alive, alert and at attention when everyone else is asleep at the wheel.

    Discover Your Life’s Calling – Vocational Astrology Simplified

    According to Ms Fox, tireless Aries thrives in challenging situations, so every day must promise something stimulating and different. However, they are also naturally animated meaning acting or performance is an obvious choice for them, especially anything physically demonstrative like dance or martial arts. Multi-platinum musician Lady Gaga is the epitome of a talented Aries who thrives in the spotlight of performing arts, known for her dancing and acting prowess in addition to her incredible voice.

    International tennis sensation Maria Sharapova is another stereotypical Aries who shines in a competitive arena. Competitive job like athletics or sales keeps things interesting for the Ram sign; internationally famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova is an Aries. The triple threat: Multi-platinum award winning musician Lady Gaga nee Stefani Germanotta is the epitome of the talented Aries who thrives in the spotlight of performing arts, known for her dancing and acting prowess in addition to her incredible voice.

    Stable, sensible Taurus wants job security and to make a good buck while they're at it. In fact, Ms Fox said Taurus is the sign most capable of enduring an unpleasant or dead-end job for the right amount of money so long as they can move at their own pace and leave 'work at work' at the end of the day. The earth-loving Bull does well in roles including florist, environmental scientist, landscaper and farming thanks to their great respect for Mother Nature. Now matriarch of her brother Gianni's fashion house, Donatella Versace is a typical Taurus with a keen eye for style and design.

    Ideal careers: banker, gemologist, jeweler, florist, cosmetologist, fashion designer, chocolatier, farmer, singer, voice over actor, geologist, environmental scientist, interior designer and landscape architect. Taurus is a lover of the finer things in life, so anything dealing with fine fashion, jewelry or personal beauty is a natural choice; now matriarch of her brother Gianni's fashion house, Donatella Versace is a typical Taurus with a keen eye for style and design.

    Gemini loves to be in the know, getting and sharing information and a dull, quiet workplace is like a cage for their perpetually busy mind. This clever air sign would rather work with its mind than its hands, though typing is allowed so web development is a possible career. Anything in the media industry like journalism, blogging and editing allows Gemini to process and share information, making them feel like they're in the know.

    Likewise, teaching and book writing fulfills this need, while many Geminis do well in politics because they thrive on connecting with others. Former US president John F. Kennedy was a Gemini who used his networking ability to rise to the head of the American government. Gemini loves to be in the know, getting and sharing information in fields such as journalism or political science; former US president John F. Kennedy was a Gemini who used his networking ability to rise to the head of government.

    At heart, Cancer is a people person, and an ideal career would help them to care for, support and nurture others. According to Ms Fox, Cancer treats co-workers and customers like family, and t herapy, cooking, baking, hospitality and catering are great because they involve caring for people. Cancer also makes great innkeepers and shop owners, especially of antiques, hand-made items and home goods, while their innate interest in the past makes them great historians and genealogists. This sensitive sign may also enjoy creating things for children like toys and books.

    The late American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was a Cancer who starred in documentaries focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine and the human condition. Ideal careers: childcare worker, baker, midwife, innkeeper, stay at home parent, children's book author, antique dealer, genealogist, therapist, historian, caterer, chef and realtor. Cancer treats co-workers and customers like family, and therapy, cooking, baking, hospitality and catering are great because they involve caring for people; the late American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was a Cancer who starred in documentaries focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine and the human condition.

    Leo is a natural performer making acting and directing other good choices. Trendy Leos may naturally make good hairstylists, social media influencers and creative directors, while a significant number prefer to blaze their own trail by starting their own company, channel or brand…naming it after themselves, of course.

    Billionaire business mogul, cosmetics CEO and queen of social influencing Kylie Jenner is the living definition of the confident and career focused Leo.