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So in a way people do tend to underestimate your tremendous energy focused towards discovering those aspects and your intelligence. You do come across as an absolute philosopher in your manner of thinking, but you also are ambitious and very goal oriented. You do chase after your own dreams, might take you some time, as you tend to get distracted with tending to other people, but you do set to achieve your goal and get what you want.

You are definitely willing to work hard, and are dedicated to yourself, there is more of a matter of getting over your shyness, introspection and gentleness, when it comes to defending your stance and ideas, but even through all that, there is still the trust in your intuition that pulls you through, as you do believe everything that happens to you has a meaning. You do have that hard to accept you side to you.

Cheiro's Prediction - If you are born on JANUARY 6, 15, 24

As you do believe in spiritual side of events so deeply, and tend to reject alternative viewpoints so profoundly, that you do come across as unreasonable at times, even more so, as the way you wish everyone to be understood, you have the tendency to expect others to think exactly like you and adapt to that way you see things, even though you are aware you are most of your time not in the group of like minded and as philosophically minded people. There is also a very sensitive and vulnerable side to you. If you hit the wall of rejection one too many times, it is likely for you to focus your hurt into rebellious irresponsible behaviour, some of you even want to make a point and go as far as rebelling against authority.

It is later on in life, as you mature and see the consequences do not really bring the results you kind of expected, that you change gear and focus energy elsewhere. Finding a way to express your wild side is important to you. You need to find your expressing focus within boundaries, so you most likely find a sport or study to focus your mind stream.

Birthdate/Birthday Months and Days for 1966

Some find a lifestyle work environment that works well with them. As the best thing for expressing emotion for you is through finding discipline. Through out life you find criticism and rejections on every step. And as you find that it will not always be so, and injustice is just simply part of this world, you do have a hard time to accept it.

But keep in mind, within the world you can control, the world you build for self, people you choose to surround self with, you can find your cozy little lifestyle that works for you. This zodiac metal could be used in accessories and decorative objects.

Work & Career

Silver is said to attract soothing energies for these natives. Silver is also malleable and precious and can only bring good spirit to anyone wearing it. Those born on January 6 can be described as keen, disciplined and seem to take anything they get involved in very serious.

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When it comes to family and love life, they put great importance on personal happiness but also on making those close feel protected. In regard to their behavior with money, they love counting it but aren't very keen on obtaining it at all costs. Speaking about health, too much work will definitely put a toll on them but they can recover if they seize this at the right time and start to rest better.

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    Numerology: Secrets of Your Birthday 6th, 15th, 24th – Number 6 Life Path

    This decan is under the supervision of the planet Venus. Those born in this period are realistic and dependable just like a true Capricorn and emotional and charming just as Venus makes them be. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of the Capricorn zodiac sign with a great accent on the positive ones. Being born on the 6th day of the month shows a perseverant individual who is also generous, tender and caring. The numerology for January 6 is 6. This number reveals responsibility, affection and a domestic approach to life.

    Those Capricorn associated with the number 6 enjoy spending time with families and building a safe environment for those they love. January is the first month of the year, bringing the novelty and expectation of a New Year starting. Those born in January are attentive and clever. January 6 Zodiac people are ambitious and meticulous. January has as representative symbols the Carnation as a plant, Garnet and Onyx as gemstones and the Roman god of openings and closure. January 6 is counted as the 6th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and until the end of the year there are days left or days in case of leap years.

    The thirty seventh day of winter, this is also the Pathet Lao Day in Laos.

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    Capricorn comes eighth most common zodiac sign on the list of occurrence in the horoscope. Even numbered sign, it is of negative polarity attached to a preponderant feminine symbolism. This suggests introvert people who are self-conscious and quite firm.

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    The number 6 itself is regarded as a perfect number as it is the sum of all of its divisors. As a perfect number, 6 is associated with harmony and balance. The number 6 is all about responsibility, security and living a harmonious life within the home. Those who resonate with a 6 vibration are usually home bodies who are more focused on relationships with family and friends than material gain. People with a life path number of 6 do enjoy the finer things of life when they can, but their devotion to their partners and families means that they are not likely to sacrifice time with their family for career success.

    In terms of Astrology and the zodiac, destiny number 6 is associated with the practical minded sign of Virgo and the planet Venus, named for the goddess of love. Virgo is a sign with deep connections to service.

    Born on the 6th of the Month |

    Unlike ones and fours, whose lives revolve around their professional endeavors, those with a destiny number of 6 focus on responsibility in the broadest sense. There are two aspects of destiny that must be taken into account, the life path and the goal of that path. In terms of destiny number 6, the life path is generally centered around the home life and family, and the goal is creating and harmonious and nurturing environment that will benefit everyone.

    Destiny number 6 is the most nurturing of all of the root numbers. The energy of 6 is involved with creating a harmonious environment, healing sickness and injuries both physical and psychological and also nurturing children. Most sixes are involved in service professions in the fields of counseling, medicine and caregiving. While a 6 energy may manifest itself as homemaking, this energy could express itself as a job as a care giver for children, the elderly or for people with disabilities.

    In the world of business, sixes are apt to be involved with sales of various kinds, usually running businesses out of their homes. Sixes make good sales people because are reliable and trustworthy and make a positive impression on others. This card is about the need to make an irreversible decision, like Adam and Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden.