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Princess Diana Sun conj.

03 - Sedna - The Adventurous Astrologer

Orcus seemed "perfect" for Prince Charles, or so the British royals thought. Many other examples, presented in perfectly arranged order, are in More Plutos. One of Mike Brown's planets, he didn't even come up with a silly nickname - what's up with that? So I came up with one, Edison , as this substantial Dwarf indicates a new path or light-bulb idea that leads one to the next level. With supportive trine, sextile, some conjunctions aspects, you are on your way; hard aspects, however, might reveal the "new idea" is not accepted or its use illusive.

Ayn Rand Sun sq. Edison saw her novel philosophy as brilliant, yet disappointingly it did not universally catch on as she hoped. Sadly I was unaware of Salacia until after my book was complete. However, I made up for it by researching its use and meaning for this "plog" article from , Salacia , which seems to show this body representative of inhibited or finally released expression or feelings.

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Ixion is smaller km but nonetheless feisty, in true Pluto fashion. While Orcus loves rules and order, Ixion breaks the rules. But this doesn't mean it's only prominent in the charts of criminals.

Astrology Chart: How to read the degrees - It's easier than you think!

Those who rightly challenge bad laws, like Martin Luther King, Jr. Sun trine Ixion who fought for civil rights, and Galileo Sun conj. Ixion , who took on the Catholic church and its suppression of science, display Ixion at its finest. Examples galore of good, bad, and ugly Ixion natives are in the Plog section and in More Plutos' Ixion chapter. Varda orbits erratically as far out as past Makemake, and as far in to just inside Pluto's orbit. I denote Varda with a capital "V" with a star in its crux in the more recent Plog charts on this website, to represent Varda's myth from Tolkein's books as Queen of the Valar, creator of the stars.

Currently I have no article focusing on Varda, but this will change soon. I can tell you Varda indicates that which is not directly sensed or seen, but is discovered or rightly intuited nonetheless. Stay tuned.

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A fellow astrologer, Aliza Rood, brought this Dwarf to my attention, and together we've observed a kind of "waiting" mode that affects those with RN 43 in contact with personal planets at birth, or experiencing it in transit or progression. He keeps hoping that he's just one scandal from becoming President, but he is still definitely waiting. If you have Solar Fire, try it out and see what you come up with. Aliza and I want to know.

Again, this one is not in More Plutos as I didn't know I should have waited for it.

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VAR-eh-nuh , named for the Hindu god of oath breakers. Also relatively large at km, this moonless world orbits just inside Haumea's orbit, completing its trip around the sun just two years sooner than its bigger neighbor. Get a feeling for Varuna by reading this short treatment inside a past plog article, the section called Varuna: Storyteller or Tale-Teller. Those with Varuna prominent are basically liars or writers, creating a new reality with words.

Many examples of Varuna in action are in its chapter in More Plutos. So, no book chapter for YOU! TC is closely resonant with Neptune, orbiting the sun exactly two times for every five Neptune orbits, so its aid in secretive matters made perfect sense. A "plog" article dedicated to TC will be revealed soon!

No online Ephemeris available TX - Not to be confused with TC above, this amazing little world, although admittedly small a star occultation once yielded a diameter of km, but it's now believed to be closer to km TX is perhaps one of the shiniest objects in the solar system, which made it seem bigger. Like TC, TX was thought to be km! This bright Dwarf is also the largest member of the Haumeids, after Haumea itself, and is here because Mama Haumea would not consent to appear unless her big baby was also included.

What can you do? But seriously, TX was extensively researched before that reputation-killing occultation, so it "made" the cut-off size early on. Get a keyword for the meaning of each on the aspects page. The newly re-classified dwarf planet, Ceres, can be thought of as the higher octave of the Moon, meaning that the emotional security of the Moon is transmuted to a sustenance and nurturing of our spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth with Ceres.

This is very similar to Sedna, only Sedna operates on a far vaster scale, so we may find that Sedna is the higher octave of Ceres. The spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth with Ceres, is transmuted into transpersonal nurturing of our spirituality and sense of place in the evolutionary cycle with Sedna. A brief note on Sedna and illness, because it crops up repeatedly in the case studies. Frequently an illness will cause someone to refocus their energy, or change life direction, etc, so the illnesses occur at pivotal points in our life paths and may function a bit like proteins do at cell level.

For thousands of millions of cells to be able to function as something other than one large lump, coordination is required. Thus communication between the cells is necessary. The signals sent in and between cells consist of ions or small molecules.

These start cascades of chemical reactions that cause our muscles to tense, our eyes to water — indeed, that control all our bodily functions. On a planetary level Sedna may represent the same process of social coordination which is coming into being, where, like cells of Gaia, we can learn to act together as part of an intricate social system, each playing our part.

If this is true, the illnesses may serve the same purpose as the proteins do in our cells: acting as channels, gates and valves to facilitate the life path. Finally a note on victimization, because many interpretations of the Intuit myth of Sedna dwell on this aspect.